Project Topics and Scope

Priority will be given to projects focused in the areas listed below. These projects should have the potential to enhance preventive medicine practices in the beef and/or dairy industries.


Determine the effect of Bovikalc on rumination/Activity patterns using rumination monitors.

Subclinical Mastitis

Determine the prevalence of Subclinical mastitis in cows with clinical mastitis


Prevalence of hypokalcemia at calving and next day in primiparous and multiparous cattle.

Anionic Salt Diet

Herds on anionic salt diets: measure implementation (urine pH, DMI) and SCH in herds using these diets.  Is there still SCH around calving in herds using this technology?

Intranasal Vaccination vs. Parenteral Vaccination

Evaluate response of branding age calves to intranasal vaccination vs. parenteral vaccination (Pyramid 5 or Pyramid 5 plus Presponse SQ).

Prevalence of BVD PI Animals

Survey veterinary diagnostic laboratories to determine the prevalence of BVD PI animals

  • By subgenotype
  • By vaccination status
  • By region

Deworming Strategies for Cow-Calf Operation

Evaluate different deworming strategies
  • Deworm cows only; calves only; or both
  • Cow-calf pairs at spring turn-out
  • Evaluate parasite load and species in branding age calves (1-3 months of age)
  • Fecal egg counts throughout the year

Deworming Strategies for Stocker-Backgrounder Operation

Eveluate different deworming strategies
  • Concurrent therapy (Cydectin/Synanthic vs Generic/Synanthic)
  • Concurrent therapy (Cydectin/Synanthic vs LongRange)