November 05, 2013

Boehringer Ingelheim Introduces new XP line from Vetera® vaccines

New line features an updated equine influenza strain to provide most relevant respiratory protection to horses.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI), introduces the new Vetera® XP line of vaccines, the only vaccine line that contains the most relevant strains of equine influenza virus (EIV) that affect horses today.

By protecting horses against Richmond/07, Ohio/03 and Kentucky/95, VETERA XP vaccines meet both the U.S. and worldwide guidelines for equine influenza protection.

"We know the havoc equine respiratory disease can have on horses," says John Tuttle, DVM, senior associate director, equine professional and technical services, BIVI. "By updating our flu strains, we are offering veterinarians the ability to protect their patients against the newest and most relevant strains of equine influenza."

The VETERA XP line is the only vaccine line that meets the World Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza recommendations and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) guidelines. The XP indicates that the vaccine now offers protection against disease in the Clade 1 family (Ohio/03) and Clade 2 family (Richmond/07). Horses in the U.S. may be at risk of infection from Clade 2 isolates of equine influenza (Richmond/07) due to exposure from comingling or travel.

"It is imperative that when we think about the risk of exposure to Clade 2 EIV, such as Richmond/07, we don't just assume that performance horses are the only ones at risk," says Tuttle. "If a horse lives in a pasture next to a horse that travels or is comingled, then that horse is also at risk due to the contagious nature of equine influenza. It only takes one horse to infect many."

VETERA XP is manufactured using Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica's proprietary purification technology, Ultrafil®. Ultrafil Purification technology eliminates most of the extraneous proteins to allow the horse's immune system to focus only on the relevant antigens.

Veterinarians should look for the XP on the VETERA vaccine label to find the most progressive EIV protection.

"With this update, we've renamed many of our vaccines," says Monica Porter, brand manager, equine biologicals, BIVI. "All VETERA vaccines that contain EIV have been updated to include the new flu strains, and we've included EHV-4 protection as well. So in addition to having new names for the variety of combinations we offer, we've denoted whether the vaccine has been updated by including XP as part of the product name."




Vetera® 4XP + WNV

Vetera® EIV + EWT + WNV

Vetera® 5XP

Vetera® EWT + EIV/EHV

Vetera® 6XP

Vetera® VEWT + EIV/EHV

Vetera® GoldXP

Vetera® Gold

Vetera® GoldXP + VEE

Vetera® Gold + VEE 

In addition, BIVI has also introduced three new VETERA vaccines.


Vetera® 2XP

New combination option for EIV/EHV

Vetera® EIVXP

New option for EIV

Vetera® EHV 1/4

New option for equine herpesvirus (EHV) infection

Overall, the XP indicates a progressive change in the VETERA portfolio of vaccines.

"We are really trying to provide the best medicine," says Tuttle. "By offering the most comprehensive equine influenza protection for horses in the U.S. with Clade 1 (Ohio/03) and Clade 2 (Richmond/07), we are providing protection against the EIV as recommended by the World Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza.

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