May 01, 2014

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Launches ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax®,the First and Only ½ mL Vaccine Line for Cats

Company continues revolutionary approach to veterinary care with low-dose vaccines to improve overall vaccine experience for cats

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI), announces the launch of ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax®, the first ½ mL vaccine line for cats. ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® joins its partner canine product line, ULTRA™ Duramune®, as the only pet vaccine lines on the market with 50 percent less volume per dose.

“The goal of our ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® and ULTRA™ Duramune® vaccines is to offer veterinarians options when it comes to their vaccine protocols," says Kyle Malter, DVM, technical manager, pet vaccines, BIVI. “ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® provides a more comfortable vaccine experience for the animal, while continuing to afford veterinarians the same uncompromised, efficacious protection as BIVI’s 1 mL vaccines.”

Built on the foundation of the Fel-O-Vax® vaccine line, ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® features the same proven level of efficacy the industry has come to expect from BIVI pet vaccines for over 30 years.

ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® is manufactured with PureFil™ Technology, which includes improved purification processes and tighter manufacturing profiles, resulting in more serial-to-serial consistency. PureFil™ Technology is designed to reduce vaccine reactions associated with extraneous proteins and cellular debris.

ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® was created with both patients and pet owners in mind. As a 0.5 mL feline vaccine line, ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® allows less vaccine volume to be injected over the lifetime of the cat. 85 percent of cat owners believe that reducing injection volume over the lifetime of their cats is important, according to a recent survey of pet owners.1

The recent research also found that the vast majority (92 percent) of cat owners highly value a vaccine that incorporates the latest in purification technology and reduced injection volume.1

"ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® offers veterinarians the opportunity to provide best medicine to their feline patients with less vaccine volume and the same efficacy.

We believe this groundbreaking vaccine offers a more comfortable patient experience and leads to better owner compliance for next year’s visit,” says Malter.

The ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax® vaccine line is available in core and non-core combinations to more closely align with AAFP Feline Vaccination guidelines, including BIVI’s exclusive dual-strain calicivirus (FCV) for better crossneutralization and near-perfect, proven feline leukemia (FeLV) protection.

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1. BIVI Pet Owner Survey, 2014. Data on file.

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