June 09, 2016

Seven Fort Dodge Area Educators Receive “Innovating for Tomorrow” Scholarship Awards

Educators in the Fort Dodge Community School District are receiving $10,000 in scholarships to further their professional development in science, technology, engineering and math or STEM-related areas. The awards are presented by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI), a global leader in the animal health industry.

“Thank you to Boehringer Ingelheim for being a great partner. Partnerships like this are a huge asset to our staff and kids,” said Dr. Douglas Van Zyl, Fort Dodge Community School District superintendent. “Providing opportunities for our staff to develop their skills ultimately has a positive impact on the education of our students.

We greatly appreciate their help and support.” The scholarships will allow teachers in the district to further their own scientific education as well as network with other STEM teachers from around the country to share ideas and best practices.

“The future of scientific innovation depends on the education and inspiration that today’s teachers bring to the classroom,” said Dr. Albrecht Kissel, president and CEO of BIVI. “We are pleased to help support local teachers so they may expand their scientific knowledge and pass along the excitement and satisfaction of scientific discovery to their students.”

The 2016 recipients of the “Innovating for Tomorrow” scholarships will be recognized today during the Fort Dodge District’s annual end of the school year celebration for its teaching staff.

“The Fort Dodge School District is extremely grateful for our partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim,” said Stacey Cole, director of education services for the district. “Preparing our youth to be in STEM careers is of the utmost importance to us as they will be solving our world’s problems.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to continue to build the professional capacity of our staff as we all move forward with our learning in this rapidly changing world,” Cole added.

The Scholarship Recipients

The 2016 scholarships are presented to seven teachers who submitted proposals for three initiatives designed to expand their professional knowledge and provide educational experiences and tools for their students. Highlights from the recipients’ applications feature details on the initiatives their scholarships will support as well as their goals for these projects:

Aaron Bane and Jason Francik, Fort Dodge Senior High

Mr. Bane and Mr. Francik will use their scholarship to attend the 2016 International Society for Science in Education conference in Denver, Colorado, later this month.

Amanda Becker and Shanna Black, Fort Dodge Middle School

Ms. Becker and Ms. Black will attend the Building Learning Communities education conference in Boston this July through the support of this scholarship.

Hope Brown, John Newman and Angie Utley, Fort Dodge Senior High, Middle School and Cooper Elementary

These educators are using their scholarship to attend the National Science Teachers Association Convention in Nashville. Their goal is to gain information to help science teachers in the Fort Dodge District implement the new performance expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards, which were recently adopted by the state of Iowa.

Since initiating the “Innovating for Tomorrow” scholarship program in 2014, BIVI has funded 26 scholarships amounting to a total contribution of $45,000 to further STEM education for area teachers in St. Joseph, Mo., and Fort Dodge, Iowa.