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We believe that the best way to run a cattle operation is by putting the health and well-being of the animal at the top of the priority list. And we support the veterinarians and producers who do. Whether it’s prevention, treatment, or industry advancement, we are committed to offering cattle-centric solutions that allow your herd to perform at its peak. To get the best out of every animal, we put the best into every animal.

Our dairy product portfolio is designed to keep your herd healthy and productive. We believe that getting the best out of every animal requires putting the best products into every animal. Learn more about our dairy portfolio offering.

Our beef product portfolio was created with your animal’s long-term health in mind. See our beef portfolio offering.

Cattle News

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Four Steps to Successful Fresh Cow Management
Diligent management techniques, proper nutrition and monitoring can help mitigate potential post-calving problems
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Develop an effective deworming program that keeps cattle comfortable and reduces resistance
Disappointed in Average Daily Gains on Your Operation? Parasites May Be to Blame.
Understanding the parasite life cycle and strategic treatment can help improve performance in all stages of cattle production.
Is Your Farm a Good Candidate for Selective Dry Cow Therapy?
Before you make the switch, here’s a checklist to see if it’s the right fit for your dairy operation​.
Producers now have a choice when it comes to internal teat sealants for their dairy cows.
Learn management practices that can help improve your dairy herd’s bottom line.
Cystorelin® (gonadorelin) by Merial and Synchsure™ (cloprostenol sodium) by Merial Now Labeled for Combination Use.
Transition management can help prevent health issues and enhance productivity.
Improve heifer raising efficiency while protecting against respiratory disease.
Effective parlor protocols can boost performance on your dairy operation. 
Young and full of potential, new calves need proper protection from respiratory disease.
How early vaccination can help improve the health of your cattle herd. 
 You’re spending hard-earned money on dewormers. But are they working hard for you?
According to a recent survey, dairy producers are changing their protocols or practices when it comes to mastitis. 
Cattle producers now have another weapon in their arsenal against parasites. 
Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Stockmanship and Stewardship is a successful program that helps cattlemen become better animal handlers. 
While states like Colorado have reported a reduction in the number of cases of trichomoniasis, Dr. Robert Larson, professor at Kansas State University, said we still have a long way to go to eliminate the disease from U.S. cattle herds.