Count on Us for Programs to Advance Animal Health

Boehringer lngelheim supports several initiatives to increase awareness and support of animal health.

Producers for Progress

Do you know someone who makes a concerted effort to use antibiotics judiciously? We'd like to know about them. Our Producers for Progress program recognizes dairy producers who have demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of animals, consumers and the industry with the judicious use of antibiotics. An expert panel of judges chooses three winners annually.

Market Ready®

Research shows that preconditioning programs deliver an average net return ranging from $25 to $33 per head.1,2 Our Market Ready® Quality Feeder Calf Program helps you deliver those healthy, high-performing calves, while giving you the flexibility to manage your herd the way you want.

Farm Animal Well-being

Veterinarians play a key role in promoting ethical treatment of farm animals, including proper pain management. Visit our website to learn more about effective pain management for dehorning, mastitis, C-sections and more, download resources, and check on upcoming forums. Discover how parasites impact your herd and steps you can take control infestations.

Cattle First Podcast

For cattle with bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), diarrhea isn't the main problem. In this podcast, Ag communicator and writer Bill Spiegel interviews Dr. Chris Chase, a veterinary immunologist at South Dakota State University, about proactive strategies for managing BVDV.