Keep Calves Healthy is a philosophy that embodies the goal of every cattle producer – keep your calves healthy and you set your operation up for success from the start. On this page, you’ll find video and article resources featuring Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. veterinarians and other experts, sharing insight on how to keep calves healthy. You can also find out more information about how Pyramid® 5 + Prespone® SQ can fit into your calf health protocols.

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Learn How To Keep Calves Healthy





Read articles and watch videos about respiratory health and how it effects your calves and the bottom line.

Parasite Control

View great videos and articles about managing parasite control in your herd.

KCH Market Ready®

Learn more about the Market Ready® Quality Feeder Calf Program and how it can fit the needs of your operation.

Parasite Control

Kindergartners and calves: an unlikely association

Anyone who has been around a group of kindergarteners knows that sniffles and coughing are commonplace. Learn more

Boost Immunity on Arrival to Support Gains

A respiratory vaccine on arrival helps boost cattle immunity, so they can perform to their potential. Learn more