Diaque® — a nutritional supplement for stressed calves.

DIAQUE Quick Reference Guide

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Study Results

Two studies performed in suckling calves indicated DIAQUE does not interfere with milk clot formation and calves with diarrhea that were supplemented with DIAQUE performed better than calves administered a market leading electrolyte solution.

Product Description

DIAQUE is a palatable, easy-to-use nutritional supplement that provides a source of energy and electrolytes for young animals. It is especially beneficial for calves under stress due to changes in feed or environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to mix and clean up
  • DIAQUE contains patented hydrophobic citrus fiber
  • DIAQUE is highly palatable so calves accept it without problem
  • It can be mixed with water, milk or milk replacer and easily remains in solution so calves receive the recommended feeding
  • DIAQUE is especially beneficial for calves experiencing stress due to a change in feed or environment by providing them with essential energy and electrolytes


  • Calves: 1 packet (100 grams) or 2 scoops using enclosed measuring cup (50 grams/scoop) mixed in 2 quarts of milk, milk replacer or warm water; feed immediately
  • For larger calves or those requiring more energy, mix 1½ packets (150 grams) or 3 scoops using enclosed measuring cup (50 grams/scoop) mixed in 3 quarts of milk, milk replacer or warm water
  • Feed every 8 to 10 hours for 24 to 48 hours
  • Discard any unconsumed, mixed product each day
  • See label for Dosage requirements for lambs, kids, pigs, foals and crias.

DIAQUE provides supplemental energy and electrolytes to stressed calves.

DIAQUE is especially beneficial to calves experiencing stress, a change in feed or a change in their environment, by providing them with glucose, glycine for energy and the cotransport essential electrolytes.

DIAQUE supports fast absorption of electrolytes and water.

Balanced electrolytes contribute to overall good health. DIAQUE provides the optimal combination of electrolytes and buffers for fast rehydration and alkalinization.1

The unique three-step buffering system allows calves to be fed with milk, milk replacer or water.

DIAQUE is highly palatable, so calves accept it without problem, giving producers  plenty of flexible feeding options. The three-step buffering system provides alkalinization supporting the resolution of metabolic acidosis and recovery.

DIAQUE has a unique formula containing patented hydrophobic citrus fiber.

DIAQUE’s unique, patented hydrophobic, lecithin-coated citrus fibers provide soluble fiber that supports normal gut health.

In a comparative study with Re-Sorb®, calves given DIAQUE performed better.

Calves with diarrhea that were administered a nutritional supplement (DIAQUE) returned to normal more quickly than calves treated with an oral electrolyte (Re-Sorb).2 In addition, the DIAQUE group had a significantly higher weight gain by the fifth day, and a cost savings of $4.82 per calf compared to the calves in the Re-Sorb treatment group.3


1 Goodell GM, Campbell J, Hoejvang-Nielsen L, et al. An alkalinizing oral rehydration solution containing lecithin-coated citrus fiber is superior to a nonalkalinizing solution in treating 360 calves with naturally acquired diarrhea. J Dairy Sci 2012;95(11):6677–6686.

2 Constable PD, Grunberg W, Carstensen L. Comparative effects of two oral rehydration solutions on milk clotting, abomasal luminal pH and abomasal emptying rate in suckling calves. J Dairy Sci 2008;92(1):296–312.

3 Goodell GM, Campbell J, Castensen L. Outcome on calves with diarrhea fed an oral electrolyte in milk compared to an oral electrolyte fed separately in water, in Proceedings. Am Assoc Bovine Pract Conf 2009.

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