Tools to Begin Milk Culturing

Culture-based mastitis treatment can help increase treatment success rates and result in using antibiotics judiciously.  It allows producers to treat mastitis infections effectively from the start, and also minimizes unnecessary antibiotic treatments for infections that will clear on their own.

University of Minnesota Culture Guide

The University of Minnesota developed a guide outlining how to conduct cultures on the farm.  This guide is a must-read for anyone interested in culturing on the farm.

Mastitis Grade Chart

When identifying signs of mastitis, it's important to know how severe a case may be.  This chart is a quick, at-a-glance tool to help determine the level, or grade, of mastitis infection.

Culture Guide Protocol

Not all mastitis infections require antibiotic treatment.  Knowing which mastitis cases to treat is as easy as following the Culture Guide Protocol.  Use this easy-to-read tool every time you culture to make sure treatments are focused on bacteria that are known to respond to antibiotics.

Culture Equipment List

On-farm culturing is growing in popularity due to its efficiencies and economic benefits.  To conduct culturing effectively, you need to have the right equipment to set up a lab.

Treatment Record Template

Keeping close records of the cultures done on your farm and the resulting treatment protocol you followed are necessary to track treatment success and avoid milk residue violations.

Mastitis protocols should always be set up under the direction of the herd veterinarian.  Please talk with your veterinarian about making milk culturing part of your mastitis treatment protocol.