Preventing Trich In Your Herd

Trichomoniasis spreads quickly and can have a devastating economic impact on a beef herd. John Davidson, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim, shares helpful tips on how to implement a successful trich prevention program.

What are your state's trich regulations?

With the increase in moving cattle over the years, trich infections have been identified in states from coast to coast.

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Product Description

TRICHGUARD is the first and only vaccine licensed to reduce shedding of Tritrichomonas foetus organisms, and thus helps protect against the spread of trichomoniasis in cattle, a venereal disease spread by bulls that can lead to lost pregnancies and open cows. By making TRICHGUARD a part of your vaccination regimen, you are reducing the impact of Tritrichomonas foetus.

  • Proven protection to reduce the spread of trichomoniasis
  • Available in combination with Campylobacter fetus (vibrio) and 5-way leptospirosis

Available sizes:

  • 10 dose
  • 50 dose

Features & Benefits 

TRICHGUARD helps reduce shedding of T. foetus organisms, thereby helping to reduce the spread of infection throughout the herd.

TRICHGUARD V5L HB aids in the reduction of shedding of T. foetus, plus it provides proven protection against disease caused by Campylobacter fetus (vibrio) and five serovars of Leptospira.

Dosage Information

  • 2 ml (TRICHGUARD) or 5 ml (TRICHGUARD V5L HB) dose, administered subcutaneously
  • Refer to each label for complete dosage details, including the recommended vaccination protocol

Trichomoniasis, commonly referred to as Trich, is a sexually transmitted disease in cattle. The disease is trademarked by reduced calf crops from open, infected cows, in addition to lighter weaning weights from a longer, or delayed calving season.

While clinical signs may not be observed, bulls are the carriers of trichomoniasis and spread it to cows during breeding. It is difficult to detect infected cows, as they show no outward signs of infection; however, reproductive failures such as infertility, low pregnancy rates, abortions and pyometra are indicators of infection. And while cows may be able to clear themselves of the disease in two to four months, bulls will continue to carry and spread trich each time they breed a cow.

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