Product Description

CALIBER vaccines are available as a 3-way or a 7-way to protect against blackleg, enterotoxemia, and other clostridial pathogens.

The CALIBER Advantage

  • Effective against clostridial pathogens including those that cause blackleg and enterotoxemia
  • Available in either 3-way or 7-way combinations
  • Low risk of tissue reaction at the injection site
  • Complies with BQA guidelines for low dosage and subcutaneous administration

The CALIBER Family:


Features & Benefits
  • CALIBER vaccines protect against clostridial pathogens that cause blackleg and entertoxemia.
  • They are available in either 3-way or 7-way combinations and comply with BQA guidelines for low dosage and subcutaneous administration.

Dosage Information
  • 2 mL administered subcutaneously
  • Booster 21 to 28 days after initial vaccination
  • Annual revaccination required

Safety Information

  • Store out of direct sunlight at a temperature between 35–45°F (2–7°C).
  • Avoid freezing. Shake well before using. Use entire contents when first opened.
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.
  • Anaphylactoid reactions may occur. Antidote: Epinephrine.

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