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Modified Live Vaccine Tutorial

Learn how to properly mix, store, handle and administer Modified Live Vaccine.

Establishing a BVD Control Plan

Dr. Dan Givens, Auburn University, discusses the importance of knowing the BVD status of your herd and gives three critical steps on controlling BVD.

Product Description

Look beyond conventional wisdom when selecting a reproductive vaccine. Reproductive diseases can have a devastating impact on your operation’s success and your financial well-being. By taking preventive steps, you can significantly reduce the threat of viruses and bacteria that impact your herd’s reproductive efficiency. One of those steps is selecting the correct vaccine for your herd health protocol.

At a minimum, your vaccine should provide protection against the most common reproductive diseases, including infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVD), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), parainfluenza 3 (PI3), leptospirosis and Campylobacter fetus (vibrio).


The EXPRESS FP Family:


Features & Benefits

  • The EXPRESS FP family offers combinations to protect against the reproductive and respiratory diseases your herd faces, including BVD Types 1 and 2, IBR, PI3, BRSV, vibrio and leptospirosis.
  • EXPRESS FP vaccines have proven protection for a full year against abortion caused by IBR and disease and PI calves caused by BVD Types 1 and 2. That means more convenience and flexibility in vaccination timing.
  • The efficacy of a modified-live virus vaccine, combined with approval for use in pregnant cows or calves nursing pregnant cows, means producers can be confident that they’re getting premium reproductive protection along with proven safety.
  • Provide coverage for 5-way lepto, Campylobacter fetus (vibrio) and/or H. somnus in some combinations
  • Aid in the reduction of infertility, delayed conception or abortion due to leptospirosis caused by five serovars of Leptospira
  • Are the first reproductive vaccine family to carry a financial guarantee against losses caused by a PI calf born to a PI-free cow, if label directions were followed for vaccine administration.
  • PYRAMID 5 + PRESPONSE SQ can now be given to calves nursing pregnant cows, provided the cows were vaccinated pre-breeding with either an Express® FP or PYRAMID vaccine according to label directions.

By selecting EXPRESS FP 3-VL5, EXPRESS FP 5, EXPRESS FP 5-VL5 or EXPRESS FP 10, producers can also be assured of:

  • A 12-month duration of immunity (DOI) against IBR-induced abortion and against disease, including PI calves, caused by BVD Types 1 and 2

Dosage Information

  • 2 mL dose, subcutaneous or intramuscular
  • If initial dose, booster with any EXPRESS or EXPRESS FP vaccine (according to label directions) in two to four weeks.
  • Recommended 2 mL annual booster
  • Calves under 6 months of age should be revaccinated at 6 months.

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