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Boehringer Ingelheim Unveils New Brand Platform: Unbridle Your Potential

In early 2017, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) and Merial merged to become a leader in equine health. Amid the merger, an opportunity to leverage the expertise and mission of both companies emerged, as did the responsibility to provide support and leadership for the entire equine industry. To illustrate that responsibility, BI is introducing its new brand platform: Unbridle Your Potential. In short, BI will provide health care products that can help unlock the potential greatness in each horse.

How Much Do You Know About PPID?

More and more information is being learned about pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, or PPID, and the clinical signs are becoming more recognizable. However, there are still several misconceptions or myths about the disease. BI’s own Dr. Steve Grubbs helps dispel some of the most common misconceptions.

From Efficacy to Reactions, Here’s What to Expect from Your Vaccine

Vaccinations can be put into two categories: core vaccines, used to protect horses against diseases that every horse is at risk of contracting, and risk-based vaccines. One of the critical health decisions a veterinarian and horse owner can make is choosing the right vaccine. Read on to learn more about considerations when choosing a vaccine.

Poor Performance - Is Your Horse Affected?

Inflammatory airway disease (IAD), also known as mild to moderate equine asthma, is the second-leading cause of poor performance, behind lameness. It has been shown to occur in up to 80 percent of 2-year-old thoroughbreds, although it can affect horses of any age.

Disease Risks Remain as Summer Comes to an End

Whether you are out on the trail enjoying fall colors or heading to a show, fall booster vaccines should be considered a part of your overall vaccination protocol. Fall vaccines can depend on what was administered earlier in the year, and the part of the country your horse is in. Speak to your veterinarian about recommended boosters.

How Boehringer Ingelheim products
help horses achieve their potential


PRASCEND is the first and only medicine available in the United States that is approved by the FDA for the control of clinical signs associated with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), historically termed “equine Cushing’s disease,” in horses.

Important Safety Information

PRASCEND has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating horses and may interfere with reproductive hormones in these horses. See complete prescribing information.


Following the recommendation of the Expert Survellence Panel on Equine Influenza, VETERA vaccines contain updated flu strains. Following these recommendations can help protect from flu strains most likely to infect horses today.