Sedivet® 1% Injection

High-quality sedation makes it easier to perform veterinary procedures and handle the horse, as well as being easier and gentler on the horse. Factors that indicate quality sedation include:

  • Rapid sedation
  • Minimal head drop
  • Minimal ataxia
  • Smooth recovery

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Rapid Sedation

SEDIVET’s onset of action begins within approximately 30 seconds following administration. Horses given SEDIVET may not exhibit normal signs of sedation, such as markedly pronounced head drop or ataxia, so the actual onset may occur without typical notice.

Minimal Head Drop

Sedated horses normally appear relaxed with a lowered head; however, a head too low following sedation can make it difficult to perform certain veterinary procedures.

With SEDIVET, lowered head position is a minimal side effect, making it ideal for head and neck procedures.

Important Safety Information: As with other drugs of this class, the administration of Sedivet 1.0% Injection causes bradycardia, first and second degree atrioventricular heart block and hypotension. The frequency and duration of cardiac arrhythmias have been shown to be dose related. Use care to not over-sedate based on degree of head drop or ataxia as these may not be reliable indicators of sedation depth.

Minimal Ataxia

One of the common side effects of most sedatives is ataxia, or difficult movement, which can make horses challenging to handle and more prone to injury.

Ataxia is minimal with the use of SEDIVET, facilitating safe handling of horses and making it possible to easily walk horses between locations.

Smooth Recovery

Recovering smoothly from sedation is key to several areas:

  • minimizing injury that can result from attempting to stand while recovering
  • reducing stress on the horse
  • reassuring the horse owner

With SEDIVET, you can be confident that the horse will normally be able to stand on the first attempt without injury. In one study, recovery was excellent in 90 percent of horses evaluated.1


Beyond providing a safe, quality sedation, SEDIVET is flexible and easy to use. The degree and duration of sedation and analgesia are dose-dependent, so the amount needed can be adjusted for each individual horse’s needs.

SEDIVET can be used as both a pre-anesthetic prior to induction of general anesthesia and as a sedative for the ultimate flexibility.

Important Safety Information: Routine safety measures should be used to protect practitioners and handlers. Although sedated, horses may still respond to external stimuli. The following commonly occurring adverse reactions have been noted using α2-agonists: hypertension, hypotension, bradycardia, ataxia, piloerection, sweating, muscle tremors, salivation, penile relaxation, urination (about an hour after treatment), lowering of head (causing passive congestion and swelling of face, lips, upper airways), stridor, decreased gastrointestinal motility, flatulence, and mild colic. Not for human use. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.

1.FOI Summary, NADA 141-229