At Boehringer Ingelheim we are committed to preventive healthcare for animals. While SOLO-JEC is an option for some pet owners, we believe the best way to care for a pet is to take it to a veterinarian for regular health checks and preventive care. 

SOLO-JEC was introduced over 20 years ago to help protect the underserved population of pets that do not see a veterinarian. The owners of these dogs and cats generally live in rural areas, where veterinary care may not be easily accessible.

SOLO-JEC, along with other over-the-counter brands sold through farm and feed stores, is a way to help protect animals that would otherwise likely go unvaccinated. Unvaccinated dogs and cats may pose a risk to other pets and their surroundings. 

SOLO-JEC vaccines are packaged in individual, single-dose vaccination kits that include:

  • One vial of dry vaccine
  • One vial of vaccine diluent
  • Depending on the product, one syringe and needle or one intranasal dropper.
  • Instructions

SOLO-JEC 5, SOLO-JEC 9 and SOLO-JEC KC vaccines are also available in trays of 25 doses.

Protection against major infectious diseases for dogs and cats

No dog or cat deserves to be put at risk for vaccine preventable diseases. Choose a vaccine below to learn more.

Kennel Cough

SOLO-JEC KC is an intransal vaccine that protects your dog against two causes of kennel cough – Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza.

SOLO-JEC​ Feline 3

SOLO-JEC Feline 3 protects your cat against three common feline infectious diseases.


SOLO-JEC 5 delivers protection against five common canine infectious diseases.

5-way + corona

SOLO-JEC 6 delivers the same protection as SOLO-JEC 5 plus additional protection against coronavirus.

5-way + 4-way lepto

SOLO-JEC 9 delivers protection against four types of lepto that are known to infect dogs.

5-way + 4-way lepto + corona

SOLO-JEC 10 delivers the same protection as SOLO-JEC 9 plus additional protection against coronavirus