Preventing lepto is more important than ever before

Prevention better than cure for canine leptospirosis

In the following article, Ruth MacPete, DVM, discusses how leptospirosis can be successfully treated when diagnosed early; however, preventing the potentially fatal disease is a much better way to avoid complications and death in your patients. According to Dr. MacPete, the zoonotic potential of leptospirosis is another compelling reason to protect your patients—up to 500,000 severe human cases are recognized around the world annually.

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ULTRA™ Duramune® 4L offers innovative protection

  • State-of-the-art PureFil™ Technology and SubUnit4 Purification to help remove cellular debris for enhanced safety and a smooth injection
  • Half the volume for more comfort
  • Aids in prevention of disease caused by 4 major Leptospira serovars