Resident Scholar

Since 2004, BIVI’s resident scholar program has sponsored 11 veterinary residents and PhD candidates completing postgraduate work in a variety of specialty areas, such as internal medicine, cardiology and pain management/surgery. Today, many of these veterinarians are faculty members at the colleges of veterinary medicine or delivering tertiary care to pets.

BIVI Shelter Webinar Series

BIVI's Shelter Support Team presents a monthly shelter webinar series free for shelter staff. Immediately following each webinar, participants are be provided access for 1 week to a special vaccine grant application. Only those who attend the webinar are provided with this opportunity. Vaccines are awarded by each month as part of the webinar series. The vaccine grants consist of dog and cat vaccines commonly used by shelters; the grant values vary but start at $1,000 per grant. The application features questions directly related to the content of the webinar

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Shelter Vaccinations

Through partnerships with sites such as PetFinder Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site, BIVI is helping vaccinate 2 million shelter pets through the “A Shot at Life” campaign. We offer a dedicated shelter team to support our shelter partners in an effort to provide shelter animals protection against disease to improve chances for adoption. Learn more