At Boehringer Ingelheim we understand your need to ensure a healthy poultry flock. We know you rely on us for tools, techniques and on-site consulting to help monitor your flock health, disease challenge status, and other critical issues such as animal welfare, public health and sustainability.

In today’s evolving poultry industry, the diversity of poultry health threats and the complexities of vaccine decision-making require an astute use of diagnostics and monitoring. The clinical presentation of many poultry diseases is similar, so clinical signs alone can’t always provide a reliable diagnosis. Even within a single disease, pinpointing the specific microbial strain is critical for appropriate vaccine selection. Major categories of bird health that impact our industry include: enteric health, immune health, respiratory health and live therapeutics.

Disease Management

Enteric Health

Enteric disorders in poultry can be a challenge to identify and treat, since multiple pathogens are often involved, and many diseases present with similar clinical signs. Mortality rates vary widely. Sub-clinical disease is common and may still adversely affect production parameters. In addition, some microorganisms, like Salmonella and 
Campylobacter, can be asymptomatic in poultry but present a food safety challenge due to human health concerns.

Immune Health

Immunosuppression is an industry threat worldwide, resulting in significant economic losses. Early protection is a fundamental part of the immune foundation—and the hatchery affords the earliest opportunity to vaccinate! With today’s vaccine technologies, we can vaccinate chicks at day-old or even in ovo.

Respiratory Health

Respiratory pathogens tend to be highly contagious spreading horizontally from infected to naive birds, and sometimes vertically to offspring—so disease control must include big-picture measures beyond treating affected individual birds. While biosecurity and post-infection treatment play important roles, vaccination is the most important component of a program to optimize poultry respiratory health.

Live Therapeutics

With the current shift in production strategies toward using little to no antibiotics, alternative products to replace antibiotics that promote a healthy intestinal balance are needed.  A wide variety of these products are found on the market including various prebiotics, yeast extracts, phytochemicals and essential acids. An exciting new category is emerging. Live Therapeutics, or Live Bio Therapeutics, are products that contain live microorganisms which produce beneficial results for your flocks.

The success of any vaccination program

lies in its ability to evolve and respond to changing conditions—whether those are disease challenges, regulatory requirements, or business needs. Today, public health concerns are also drivers in how a program is designed.
Whatever the context, we work holistically with each customer to maintain integrity of the entire bird.