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Anatomy of a Chicken

The Poultry Business Unit of Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to providing educational materials to our customers for training purposes. To learn more about the anatomy of a chicken, click on the link below.


Tips for modern hatchery management

Incubation period variation is related to the growth rate of the embryos that differs between batches of eggs. Flock age and egg storage are the few parameters that influence embryonic growth rate and, thus, hatching duration. New techniques will allow greater control over embryonic growth to influence uniformity. Other new developments that include increased roles for both ultrasound and micrometry egg shell analysis grading shell thickness by mass to influence the hatch window and day-old chick uniformity. This will assist in creating robust day-old chicks, better prepared to express their genetic potential from the moment of hatch. 

Understanding challenges of Newcastle disease prevention strategies

Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious, generalized viral disease of domestic poultry, cage and aviary birds, and wild birds but also seen in domestic poultry as a rapidly fatal, high-mortality condition characterized by gastrointestinal, respiratory and/or nervous signs. ND viruses have a varying capability to produce clinical disease in domestic chickens, with some virus strains showing high levels of pathogenicity. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has defined ND as the disease caused by viruses whose high and moderate pathogenicity is demonstrated in tests on chickens. Vaccination and biosecurity are considered the best remedies in the prevention and control of the disease in domestic poultry.

2019 US egg producer ranking

WATT Global Media has conducted Egg Industry magazine’s annual survey of top U.S. egg producers annually for decades, and the results reported are composed of a combination of company-submitted information and estimates made based on input from publicly reported information and industry sources. In addition to providing what has become the “official” rankings of egg producers by number of hens housed, the survey also provides insight into egg producer’s opinions on significant topics.

Combat and prepare for avian influenza outbreaks (Part 1)

H9N2 viruses have been circulating in Eurasian poultry industry resulting in great economic losses due to decline in egg production and moderate to high mortality. Influenza A viruses of the H9N2 subtype have been causing infections in poultry population around the globe. Even to this day H9N2 is still one of the three primary avian influenza (AI) subtypes devastating poultry industry. Learn more as industry experts discuss the ways to combat low-pathogen and high-pathogen avian influenza.

Combat and prepare for avian influenza outbreaks (Part 2)

Avian influenza (AI) can affect all species of birds in intensive poultry rearing system young laying hens are usually the most affected species. Free-living birds may carry influenza virus without becoming ill due to natural resistance. It is known that wild waterfowl present a natural reservoir for these viruses and can be responsible for the primary introduction of infection into domestic poultry. Learn more as industry experts discuss the ways to combat low-pathogen and high-pathogen AI. This is the second part of a two-part series on avian influenza.

Content published with permission from Watt Global Media.


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