Ileitis expert video series: What you should know


Advantages of Modified Live Vaccines and Oral Administration
Modified live vaccines can provide the opportunity for a robust immune response to fight the pathogen (Lawsonia) that is affecting the pigs. Learn more about modified live vaccines and how they can be used effectively to control ileitis in this interesting video with Dr. Jeremy Kroll, PhD.

Vaccines and the Veterinary Feed Directive
In terms of ileitis, a vaccine given via oral administration can help you increase overall pig health while minimizing the use of antibiotics. Watch this video interview with Dr. Jeremy Kroll, PhD, to learn more about modified live vaccines and the benefits of vaccination.

Managing Ileitis on the Farm
Dr. Steve Patterson, an owner of Northeast Veterinary Services in Shelbina, Mo., knows the challenges of managing and controlling ileitis. In this video, Dr. Patterson talks about what can cause ileitis, and what you, as a producer, can do if you have an outbreak on your farm.

Ileitis: The Hidden Profit Robber
Ileitis, which is caused by the bacterium Lawsonia intracellularis, could be doing more damage in your herd than you realize.  Learn about clinical signs of ileitis, as well as the importance of an accurate diagnosis, with Dr. Kent Schwartz with the Iowa State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.



Ileitis not only reduces the overall growth of pigs, it also makes feed conversion less efficient, which means more feed is needed for each pound of growth.

Ileitis. Coming to a farm near you.

Ileitis is a common bacterial illness that affects most pig farms in the United States. While clinical symptoms of ileitis may be seen in some pigs, the real challenge lies with the animals with subclinical (or hidden) cases, which experience reduced weight gain without showing any signs of the disease.

Ileitis could be robbing you blind.

Ileitis-affected pigs cost the U.S. swine industry more than $100 million annually.With this potential for profit loss, it’s best to prevent the disease rather than treat it.

The Danger Zone

Ileitis can affect weight gain in pigs of all ages. But the biggest impact is on pigs from late nursery through finishing, when daily weight gain is critical for optimizing growth and animal health.

Proven Effective.

Easy to Administer. Efficient Modified-Live Protection. Learn more about ENTERISOl Ileitis.

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