As a show pig breeder, your reputation is only as healthy as the last pig you sold. So put your buyers’ minds at ease, and vaccinate your pigs with the FLEX Family™ of vaccines. They protect your pigs from diseases, such as Circovirus, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRS virus, that could hurt weight gain and performance without setting their weight back or causing injection site lesions.

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A list of commonly asked questions about show pig health and vaccination.

To make sure your pigs are healthy on their way to the ring, here’s a list of common vaccinations to consider.

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Breathe easy: most respiratory disease in pigs can be prevented

For show pig breeders and showmen, keeping your animals healthy and avoiding disease setback is an important part of ensuring that pigs grow consistently and end up in your targeted weight range on show day. When it comes to pig health, respiratory disease is one factor that can impact an individual pig, an entire herd and your bottom line if not prevented.