Because Lawsonia intracellularis bacteria — which cause ileitis — live in the gut, Enterisol® Ileitis vaccine was developed to be administered orally, mixed with the water supply. Protecting your herd from ileitis is as easy as taking a drink, meaning low stress for you and your pigs.

Thanks to oral administration, Enterisol® Ileitis builds immunity right where the bacteria live, rather than having to work its way through the bloodstream. Antibodies are created in the gut, building immunity at the exact site where additional infections may occur.

Modified-live vaccines (MLV) — like Enterisol® Ileitis — more closely mimic natural infection than a killed vaccine does. This means, for enteric diseases like ileitis, they are often a more efficient and effective way to build immunity in the pig.                                                                             

The combination of effectiveness and efficiency has made Enterisol® Ileitis a vaccine you can trust. Worldwide, pig farmers turn to Enterisol® Ileitis to help prevent ileitis and avoid costly losses on the farm.           

Enterisol® Ileitis is the only ileitis vaccine that has provided proven protection, with more than half-a-billion doses sold. That kind of proof only comes from repeated results — the kind of results that Enterisol® Ileitis delivers.

Enterisol® Ileitis

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