Step 1

The day prior to vaccination, determine the required volume of vaccination stock solution by measuring the volume of tap water passing through the proportioner in a 6 hour period.

Do this during the same time of day and in the same group of pigs as planned for vaccination.

Step 2

Place entire package (cooler, frozen vaccine and dry ice) in the freezer.

Use before dry ice is gone.

Step 3

Assure pigs do not receive antibiotic-medicated feed or water for a minimum of 7 days (3 days pre-vaccination, 1 day at vaccination, 3 days post vaccination).

A non-medicated week or longer post-vaccination is recommended.

Step 4

Thaw vaccine in a trickling cold water bath 45-60 minutes prior to planned vaccination.

Turn off chlorinators, acidifiers and/or peroxide water treatment units.

Step 5

Place the pre-measured amount of water into the stock solution container.

Step 6

Mix Reload pack® DT (sodium thiosulfate) and blue dye into stock solution.

Use 1 Reload pack® DT for each gallon of stock solution.

Step 7

Mix vaccine into stock solution.

Step 8

Place proportioner draw tube so the end rests on the bottom of the stock solution container.

Step 9

Charge the main water distribution line with vaccine by bleeding water from pen drinkers (or spigot) at the end of barn farthest away from the proportioner.

Wait for light blue water to appear.