FLEXcombo® Mixing Instructions

FLEXcombo® is now available with headspace bottle (HSB) technology. Follow these instructions for easy mixing and administration.

Mixing FLEXcombo®

Watch the video demonstration utilizing the Simcro™ transfer needle and clamp with a 250 dose FLEXcombo® presentation.

Both Simcro™ and PrimaTech® - Neogen® transfer needles are complimentary for FLEXcombo® 250 dose and 50 dose presentations respectively.  To request transfer needles or for more information about which needle to use, please contact your BI sales representative.

Simcro™ transfer needle used with the FLEXcombo® 250 dose bottle.* PrimaTech® - Neogen® transfer needle used with the FLEXcombo® 50 dose bottle.*


*Contact your BI sales representative for transfer needle orders.