Ingelvac Provenza™

Protect your performance potential by vaccinating growing pigs against influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S), as early as day one.


  • Ingelvac Provenza™ protects against multiple IAV-S strains1
  • Decreases nasal shedding, which reduces transmission in a population1
  • A live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) breaks through maternal antibodies to stimulate immunity2
  • Provides protection before pigs are most vulnerable (eg, commingling, weaning)3  
  • Intranasal administration provides protection at the site of natural IAV-S infection4,5

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The science of intelligent protection

  • Efficacy and safety

    Lung lesion score > 2% was considered affected.
    A pig was considered positive for clinical signs if the pig ever had a score ≥ 1 for sneezing, coughing, nasal/ocular discharge, respiratory signs, or behavioral signs.
    llPigs were euthanized at 5 days postchallenge.


    • A total of 997 pigs in 3 separate locations were administered 1 mL of Ingelvac Provenza™ intranasally at 1 day of age or older and observed daily for 14 days
    • At 2 sites (Missouri and Iowa), more than 90% of vaccinated pigs remained healthy for the entire observation period postvaccination
    • At the third site (North Carolina), 17% of vaccinated pigs remained healthy for the entire postvaccination period. Most observations of unthrifty pigs were related to abnormally hot and humid weather conditions and the subsequent effects on dam feed intake and lactation performance 
    • Clinical signs and mortality noted during the study was consistent with each respective site
  • Reduction in viral shedding1

     IIPigs were euthanized at 5 days postchallenge.

  • Evaluation of protection in the face of maternal antibodies2

    llPigs were euthanized at 5 days postchallenge.

Ingelvac Provenza™ provides game-changing protection when it is most needed

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Intranasal vaccine administration
Administración de vacuna intranasal



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