ReproCyc® PRRS-PLE

PRRS, Porcine Parvovirus, Leptospiraand Erysipelas Vaccine

REPROCYC PRRS-PLE is a convenient prebreeding combination vaccine composed of a modified live PRRS component and a nonvirucidal, inactivated Parvo Leptospira and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae diluent component.

  • Convenient, cost-efficient.
  • Proven cross-protection against homologous and heterologous (Lelystad Virus) PRRS challenge.
  • Safe, proven and effective.


  • Reduces reproductive failure due to PRRS virus.
  • Reduces PRRS viremia in challenged animals.
  • Aids in the reduction of disease associated with PRRS, reproductive form.
  • Aids in the prevention and control of disease caused by Porcine parvovirus, Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae and 5 strains of Leptospira.
  • Proven cross-protection against homologous and heterologous (Lelystad virus) PRRS challenge.


  • Save time and labor vs. non-combination products.
  • Proven cross-protection.
  • Convenient combination fits gilt introduction vaccination protocols, as well as ongoing sow vaccination programs.

REPROCYC PRRS-PLE is a vaccine administered as a convenient 5 mL dose to gilts and sows 4-6 weeks prior to breeding. Revaccinate with a parvovirus/Leptospira/erysipelas vaccine 3-4 weeks following initial vaccination. Revaccinate with a single dose of REPROCYC PRRS-PLE vaccine prior to subsequent breedings and only vaccinate gilts and sows in PRRS-positive herds.

Store out of direct sunlight at 35°- 45° F (2°- 7° C). Do not freeze. Use entire contents when first opened. If anaphylactoid reaction occurs epinephrine is symptomatic treatment.

Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

Do not vaccinate pregnant sows or gilts, or boars of breeding age. For use only in PRRS virus positive herds as directed.

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